Your Global Quest Map is your home for daily questions, game standings, bonus activities, and sharing. You can also read the TWR Global Quest rules and learn about the Grand Prize and weekly prizes here.

As you play TWR Global Quest, we hope you’ll be inspired by the story of how God has used people just like you to take His Word to the world through the media ministry of TWR (Trans World Radio) for the past 60 years—and get excited about what He has in store for the future.

Earn Points!


Every day (except Sundays), we will post three questions: a TWR question, a Bible question, and a bonus question. Each correct answer earns 1 point on your quest.

Don’t forget to check back each day for the new questions. If you miss a day, click on the progress bar above the map to see what you’ve missed. If you’re joining us a little late, you can also choose to go back and start at the beginning.


Playing TWR Global Quest is much more fun with friends and family! Build your community today by using the easy social media links provided to invite your friends and family to share your adventure in the Great Commission.


Earn a bonus point each day by completing spiritual growth activities. Just click “Done” when you’re finished—you’re on the honor system now!

Continue the Quest!

You can bring your virtual experience of reaching the world for Christ into the real world by donating to TWR. Millions of people still need to hear and understand God’s Word—and your partnership makes it possible!